Morning Debriefing 1/18/12

1) Nick Offerman asking Will Ferrell “Do you speak American?” makes the full length trailer for Casa De Mi Padre totally worth it.

2) Riot LA, the proposed LA alternative comedy festival, is coming out with new promo videos! Check out this one with Kumail Nanjiani then donate (they’re at $14,274 of $20,000 with 16 days to go) so we can see something amazing later this year.

3) On Late Night Tonight, it will be a run through comedy history of sorts, Jordan Peele from Key & Peele will be on Conan (TBS 11PM), Dana Gould and Will Arnett will be on Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC 12AM), and Bill Cosby will be on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (NBC 12:35AM). 

4) Yesterday, we posted “How To Absolutely Not Do Stand-Up Comedy” featuring a video of “comedian” California Thunder getting hit over the head with a beer bottle after engaging with an audience member. Turns out, that, in our haste of writing and posting, we failed to acknowledge that the “witness” Jon Mishner (who runs who tipped the story off to us is actually the infamous California Thunder. There’s a very unfunny comedy short/doc following the life of the psuedo-sideshow comic, which is around 13 minutes long, all of which painfully sat through to find something that would hopefully be even tangentially funny. Rest assured, our efforts were in vain. Still, whether one is actually attempting stand-up or a parody of it, getting a beer bottle broken over your head at the Hollywood Hotel open mic is a pretty great red flag that you’re doing comedy very wrong.

5) Smashed, written by James Ponsoldt and Susan Burke, is one of Sundance’s most anticipated films according to Vulture. Take that foreign dramas.

6) Awesome and half comedy show Holy Fuck! wants to have T-shirts. You’d pay $10 for this, right?

7) So, viral sensation, the Honey Badger, is being developed into it’s own comedy series. Yes, you read that right. You really did. 

8) In Things We Did On Other Comedy Sites News, we brought great comedy and poetry together at Laughspin, reviewed Showtime’s upcoming behind-the-curtain comedy series Inside Comedy also for Laughspin, and also pointed out 5 of the funniest intentionally funny videos we saw last week for the Nerdist.

9) Today’s Puddin’ has Eddie Pepitone finding a new uglier subtext in which to say the word ‘ugly’.

10) Anyone think that the legislators behind SOPA and PIPA are going to use those clips of the Office where Michael defends the use of e-mail forwards to show how ridiculous “us artists” are being to further not understand their point?

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