Morning Debriefing 11/5/10

1) In the first annual Joe Braza Comedy Invitational, I did not move on because I’m depressing. However, the last group of finalists have rounded out the line-up for the Joe Braza Comedy Invitational Finals. On Nov. 18th @ 9PM, Shayne Michael, Casey Balsham, Matt Champagne, Joe Arrigoni, Erik D Schulte, Daniel Eachus, Jerry Brandt, Mark Schumacher, and Drew Mercury will all go head for the Joe Braza Comedy Invitational trophy or win cash by getting worst comedian, just like Russell “Rape Joker” Corona did last night. Again, The Joe Braza Comedy Invitational @ The Seafood Shack, Nov. 18th at 9PM. Music by Maggie Boles. No cover/no minimum. 11710 South St., Artesia, CA.

2) Just an FYI to all that have the stomach/endurance to do a late-night open mic. Good friend of the Comedy Bureau’s, Kevin Eric McCarthy, sent me a text saying that his weekly open mic at 212 Cafe in Venice was going to 2 IN THE MORNING. 2AM!!! If you really wanted to get up, go to 212 Cafe every Thursday and you will get some decent time with a bit of a crowd as the cafe NEVER CLOSES! 212 Cafe. Every Thursday. 9PM. 212 Pier Ave., Venice, CA. Hosted by Kevin Eric McCarthy and Taylor Collins. If this wasn’t a “Bureau Approved” Open Mic, it is now.

3) Forget about the return of the “midnight movie” by staying in and watching whatever over-the-hill B-list star and random monster combo is on SyFy and go see some damn good LIVE comedy. For tonight, the Comedy Crawl says REALLY go to Comics and Comics @ Meltdown Comics 8PM $5, then Christopher Titus @ Brea Improv 8PM/10PM $25/2 item min., then go to First Friday’s @ The Sapphire Lounge-Newport Beach Radisson 9PM $12, then go to Hot Toddy @ iO West-Del Close 9:30PM $5, then go to Stood Up Friday Night @ The Moving Arts Theatre 10PM, then simultaneously go to Stand Up Super Squad Comedy Show @ Fanatic Salon 10PM $7, then go to Pop Quiz, Hotshot @ iO West-Main Stage 11PM.

4) Another edition of the Ultimate Free & Cheap LA Comedy List thanks to the amazing Wisepix.

5) The new, big, badass, independent comedy show is letting EVERYONE know that they’re here. Check out the Super Serious Show’s Mixtape Vol. 1 featuring the super-serious, badass, and just overall hilarious Andy Peters & Matt Braunger right here, right now, right here, right now. Actually, either link will do.

6) Peoria Comedian Jeremy Paul will live!!! FOREVER!!! maybe…

7) In the next day or so, The Comedy Bureau will bring out what is sure to be its most popular innovation yet, The “Bureau Approved” Open Mic List/Map. Stay Tuned.

8) Just pretend I’m Oliver Twist and donate.

9) With a few days left, let’s recap on the Big Trouble in Little Tokyo Open Mic. Tues. Nov. 9th. 6:30PM. Señor Fish. 422 E. 1st St. No cover/min. $3 beer/$2 fish tacos during happy hour. Raffle for 2 “15 min. drop in spots” for the following week. 50 foot cable and 3 mics. Inaugural special guest performances from Joe Braza and Lauren Rochelle. Sign-up is first come/first serve. Hosted by Comedy Bureau Director Jake Kroeger and Russell Corona. Nothing but fun.

10) I would challenge any other comic to get more awwww’s than me, but that’s one challenge I don’t really want to win.

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