Every Mitch Hedberg Album To Be Released in a Vinyl Collection by Comedy Central Records

You might just want to skip making this a great gift for someone and get it for yourself. 

“Mitch Hedberg: The Complete Vinyl Collection” is executive produced by Lynn Shawcroft and includes:

-12 inch vinyl editions of all three original Comedy Central Records albums (four LPs): “Strategic Grill Locations” (double LP with bonus audio, 1999), “Mitch All Together” (2003), and “Do You Believe in Gosh?” (2008)
-36 page book with rare photos, stories by Mitch’s wife Lynn Shawcroft, and original essays by Doug Stanhope, Mike Birbiglia and Margaret Cho
-Custom USB drive with MP3s of all three albums, never-before-heard recordings, an uncut presentation of Mitch’s 1999 “Comedy Central Presents” show, and more

This Mitch Hedberg collection comes out on November 4th, but you can pre-order it here.