Watch Michelle Wolf Serve Up Blistering WHCD Performance and Teaser for Her Netflix Series “The Break”

While the Internet debates their biased nuanced takes on Michelle Wolf’s White House Correspondents Dinner remarks, forgetting that it has always been an unapologetic roast, we applaud Wolf for diving right into her set and not letting up for her whole 20 minutes with both poise and fury, especially since Trump skipped again, but clearly watched it on TV and whined about it on Twitter.  

Also, thanks for Wolf letting us know that you can drop the F-bomb, which she did twice, on C-SPAN. Let’s hope that becomes a time honored tradition at the WHCD. 

It’s a pretty great “trailer” of sorts for her upcoming weekly Netflix show The Break with Michelle Wolf.

By the way, it just so happens that Netflix just released an official teaser trailer for said show set for Sundays starting on May 27th