And Here’s the First Sketch from “The Break with Michelle Wolf”

The premiere of The Break with Michelle Wolf is only a few days away, which is, we should again note, is less than a month after her performance at the White House Correspondents Dinner. Needless to say, we’re highly anticipating what Wolf and company have up their sleeves.

So, with this first sketch that just got posted, they poke fun at shoe-horning female lead characters into clearly-written-for-male leads without changing much (this parody trailer bares a satirical resemblance to the actual movie Equity). It sets a tone that has always been Wolf’s brand of comedy, equal parts biting and silly. It looks like Sundays will now have a double dose of satirical comedy from John Oliver and Wolf.

Also, in watching this, we had a good laugh thinking of Wolf as the “strong female lead” of her own show on Netflix.

The Break with Michelle Wolf begins streaming on Sundays starting May 27th on Netflix.