Megan Amram-Tip of the Hat 3/12/11

The Comedy Bureau “Tips Its Hat” this week to MEGAN AMRAM:

“@meganamram I’m giving up spell check for Lant.”

As far as escalating the art of being funny on the still new canvas of Twitter, there are few people that have mastered it quite like Megan Amram.  

I’ve heard many people, especially avid Twitter users express hesitation at following comedians on Twitter as they only want to read gold instead of what’s about to be possibly tried out at an open mic.  With Amram, there is no such worry as she has refined her wit to where most everything she tweets “from the hip” usually gets a solid 3 minutes of me busting up in laughter while slapping my knees profusely.  

Being featured quite often in “who to follow” lists of who’s the funniest on Twitter, Amram is of a rare breed that has actually found a comedic voice through the microblogging site, often times well under 140 characters, which is a feat that some of the most established and revered comedians have not even developed yet.  Perfectly absurd in her precise choice of words, references, and execution of the comedic twist within a joke, it’s no wonder that she has over 25,000 deserved followers without a network sitcom and a deranged personality to back her.

Megan also writes and contributes for other online publications in much longer form, which is equally as farcical and hysterical, as she’ll make a hilarious list of various topics including recently discovered unpublished Shakespeare plays, her own personal “bucket list” (included on that list: die), and stains.

Basically, you should follow anything she does online via Twitter, Tumblr, or anything else, which will most likely find its way somehow to the Comedy Bureau.  If you’re wondering what this elusive tweeter/blogger is like live, you can check her out on Dave Holmes and Rob Delaney’s UCB LA show “Mapping the Heavens” Thursday Mar. 17th 9:30PM $5.