Mcsweeney’s 50th Issue Is Out Now in Hardcover


The long standing, well respected humorist publication McSweeney’s Quarterly has just released its 50th Issue as a hardcover (with the art work by Tucker Nichols above), which includes written pieces from such great folks as: 

Patton Oswalt
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Jonathan Lethem
Lydia Davis
Heidi Julavits
Kevin Young
Ismet Prcic
Sheila Heti
Sherman Alexie
Carrie Brownstein
Sean Wilsey
Valeria Luiselli
Rebecca Curtis
Thomas McGuane
Sarah Vowell
John Moe
Steven Millhauser
Jason Polan
Tucker Nichols
Eduardo Berti
John Hodgman
Aparna Nancherla
Diane Williams
Etgar Keret
Corinna Vallianatos
Sarah Manguso
Jeff Parker
Kevin Moffett
Jesse Ball
Brian Evenson
Lilli Carré
Carson Mell
Kristen Iskandrian
Lucy Corin
Zain Khalid
Dan Morey
Eli Horowitz
Bianca Bagnarelli
Andrew Leland
Haris Durrani
Vauhini Vara
Benjamin Percy
Wendy Molyneux
Sarah Walker
Dan Kennedy
James H. Folta
Keaton Patti
Matthew Sharpe
Jesse Jacobs
Sophia Foster-Dimino

We got to go to the live reading of the 50th Issue this week and we can tell you that you’re in for a nice, layered, nuanced, otherworldly treat if you pick up a copy