Pick of the Day: Matt O’Brien’s Sketch Show

There are few folks that we know that can whip up a green screen quite like Matt O’Brien, especially when time is of the essence. Hell, he did an entire show where he was able to use his editing skills to make up an entire visual gag with motion graphics off an audience suggestion during the length of a comedian’s showcase set. In quarantine, he has even been doing miniature remakes of individual episodes of Frasier.

Essentially, he was doing Zoom background bits before the majority of the world did video conferencing more than a few times a year, if that. Thus, we’re pretty sure O’Brien is perfectly suited for this weird time in comedy where all of it has to live and be broadcast online and the limitations of your computer or mobile devices.

Matt doing a live-stream sketch comedy show only makes us think of what he has up his sleeve and what he’ll dare to pull off during a Twitch live-stream. Thus, you can and should check out The Matt O’Brien Sketch Show going live on Twitch here this Wed. Apr. 22nd at 5PM PT/8PM ET.