Matt Dwyer’s First Album “Inside Looking Out” Is Out Now


It’s a bit of a surprise to us that Matt Dwyer hasn’t had an album under his belt already given his exhaustive comedy resume, but perhaps that is what makes this first album feel special and imbued with a sense of urgency. 

Inside Looking Out is indeed Dwyer’s first album is being released by Jonah Ray’s imprint label Literally Figurative Records off of AST Records. Dwyer impressively spans his comedy repertoire, both in content and form, which he delights in as there is a lot to cherry pick from. He includes traditional stand-up, song, and reading of short form pieces that come from a very a brutally honest and sincere place, but, sometimes, ratchets the absurdity up to the nth degree. For all of that, Inside Looking Out gives you a really expansive scope of comedy at its core and its fringes.

You can get Inside Looking Out off of iTunes or on 12″ red vinyl. You can also stream it on Apple Music.