Marc Maron’s Latest Special “Too Real” Is Now Streaming


Marc Maron’s latest hour, Too Real, gives a nice sampling of the various versions of Marc that have done stand-up over the years, done with all the calm of the current centered and focused Marc Maron. 

What’s fascinating is the bold opening few minutes on Trump that beautifully segue into the rest of Marc’s trademark introspective self-examination pondering on a stool (we like to call it “Maron-ating”). Take note that fiery political comedy is something that Marc has shifted away from after his Air America years, but, as you’ve probably heard plenty of times over, every comedian is political now because of who is in the White House. 

So, in the same strokes, you can see hints of the old fiery Marc, but through the lense of the empathetic, self-aware-of-the-human-condition Marc. 

Marc Maron: Too Real is now streaming on Netflix.