The National Comedy Center’s “A Week of Comedy” Has Lucille Ball Comedy Festival and George Carlin Archives Sneak Preview Going on Right Now

Even though the dozens of exhibits celebrating the art form of comedy in Jamestown, New York’s National Comedy Center has until summer of next year to open, they’ve got some pretty special stuff going on right now.

There’s a whole special George Carlin Archive that they’re previewing a full year ahead before everything else as well as The Lucille Ball Comedy Festival from August 3rd-6th featuring Jim Gaffigan, Lewis Black, W. Kamau Bell, Robert Klein, David Steinberg, Kelly Carlin, Emma Willmann, Adam Newman, Michelle Buteau, Sam Jay, Liza Treyger, Matteo Lane, David Gborie, Story Pirates, and more.

Get tickets and more info about The Lucille Ball Comedy Festival here and find out more about the National Comedy Center here.