Watch Louis CK on Hillary (with Minimal Trump Bashing), the Prospect of Dancing, and Walking Around NYC with His Fly Down

When you see Louis CK on TV these days, expect a deeply human story born out of very simple, relatable embarrassment, an original angle on the zeitgeist, and comparisons that come out of a left field for comedic effect. Those are some of the big elements that have made him this balance between a grounded, organic comedian/storyteller/filmmaker while maintaining a bit of his absurdist flights of fancy.

He delivered on all three in his appearance on Conan last night starting of with a great case for Hillary Clinton being President sans very many digs at Trump and his supporters.

Then, he followed it up with a story about how he learned the value of honesty and openness through walking around the city with his fly down and open and then breaking down the idea of dancing, both as something that can empower and also promise someone a heartbreaking path in life.

If you use a bit of imagination, you can make this up as an episode of Louie to play out in your head.