The Record Holders for ‘Longest Stand-Up Comedy Show-Multiple Comedians’ Will Try Breaking Their Own Record Next Year by 5 Minutes

Nashville’s DJ Buckley, his cohorts at Nashville Stand Up, and several special guests have already clocked in a 184 hour and 16 minute continuous stand-up comedy show to set the world record for longest stand-up comedy show with multiple comedians.

Who would be crazy enough to break that record that is more than a continuous week of stand-up comedy? Well, it turns out that Buckley and company were crazy enough to pull off their first record and are just crazy enough to try to break it.

In case you’re concerned how much longer they’re going to this time, they’re only attempting a show that’s 5 minutes longer, which makes us think that they’re going to make this an annual tradition that gets 5 minutes longer every year.

So, on 11:59am on Sunday, May 15th, 2016, the attempt will begin at The East Room in Nashville and go on for the next several days that are necessary to accomplish the feat. 

If you’re interested in being witness, in person, to comedy history, you can buy tickets here.