Please Get and Revel in Lizzy Cooperman’s New Album “Organism”


It is our firm belief that one of the marks of great jokes is their ability to be enjoyed repeatedly. Sans surprise, they’re truly something special if they can still be so damn funny even if you can recite it from hearing it so many times.

Lizzy Cooperman is absolutely one of our all time favorites here and we’ve definitely doubled over laughing every time, which must be well over a hundred times at this point, we’ve seen her dissonantly bang away at her keyboard in between her rapid-fire, absurdist, dark, personal, often non-sequitur humor. 

So, though we often knew what was coming throughout the whole of Organism, the energy, spirit, and unwavering commitment to be sublimely silly was still so thoroughly delightful to us. 

We wholeheartedly agree with Karen Kilgariff in the intro for this album for Lizzy when she says that Lizzy makes her believe in comedy. 

So, please go get Lizzy Cooperman’s Organism right here right now and enjoy it again and again and again and again.