Watch Paul Rudd vs. Paul Rudd in Trailer for “Living With Yourself”

If you could have double the Paul Rudd, why not do it? Sure, that’s just a fringe benefit of this sci-fi existential comedy Living With Yourself that positions an improved Paul Rudd versus a lesser Paul Rudd, but we’ll take more of the ageless Rudd being perfectly Paul-Rudd-ish in a movie from writer Timothy Greenberg and directors Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris (whose credits include The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and Little Miss Sunshine respectively).

A bit of this premise was slightly explored in the film The One I Love with Mark Duplass and Elisabeth Moss, but this seems to get more into the “meat” of facing yourself, so to speak. They’ll have the room of a TV series to really get trippy and explore much more, which we’re on board for.

Also, we’d like to say that America should be prepared to be charmed by one Aisling Bea who co-stars here.

See all of this for yourself in the trailer for Living With Yourself here, then look for it on Netflix on Fri. Oct. 18th.