Pick of the Day: Sandwich Lovers Unite with Lindsay Ames (Saturdays on Clubhouse)

Lindsay Ames wears so many hats and does so quite exquisitely. Comedy, storytelling, content creation, food, and specifically, making sandwiches.

With the advent of the latest social media platform/drop-in audio app, Clubhouse, Ames has combined lots of her hats in this weekly “room” where she celebrates one of mankind’s greatest innovations, the sandwich. Every Saturday night, Lindsay moderates a lovely room called Sandwich Lovers Unite that highlights people’s favorite sandwiches as well as figure out the perfect sandwich for very specific, often odd situations that may or may not be traditionally accompanied by a sandwich.

The passion for sandwiches ignites wonderful mutual appreciation, some heated controversy (for and against mayo specifically), and overall a great, hilarious evening for the sandwich community at large.

Follow Lindsay Ames on Clubhouse and hop in at 7PM PT/10PM ET every Saturday for Sandwich Lovers Unite.