Lez Miz and Friends is so damn ambitious as a meta musical that viciously deconstructs the beloved, eternally running musical Les Miserables as well as work in puppets versus humans paradigm into the whole thing. It’s a tall order, but writers Nathan Makaryk and Geneviève Flati and the marvelous cast pull it off with precise abandon. 

It’s such a rollicking dashing of convention that we’d wager you’d enjoy even if puppets, musicals, and Les Miserables weren’t really your thing.

Les Miz and Friends has running at the Hudson Theatre in Hollywood for the last several weeks and will be finishing their run this weekend (Fri. 8PM/Sat. 3PM & 8PM). Don’t miss your chance to catch before it leaves. Go get your tickets (they’re $32 a piece) here right now.