The Black Empowerment Network presents “SAY BROTHER”

written & directed by DeMorge Brown (aka Leite Preto). 

starring DeMorge Brown and Emily Maya Mills. 

w/Matt Peters, Willy Roberts, Leina Naversen, Becky Garcia, Dan Murrell, Denver Smith, Lejon Stewart, Matt Olsen, and Lola the jackal.

massive contributions in camera, fx, editing, aesthetics and general enthusiasm from morgan locke and zach zdiebko.

animation by Steven Chunn, Kelsy Abbott, Jennifer Ruiz&Evan Harbuck.

2nd unit by aaron moles, spencer strauss.

special thanks to Devin Mcnulty and Human Resources Gallery — chinatown, los angeles.

The Black Entertainment Network-gloriously absurdist (not in the Ralph Ellison “Invisible Man” way, just really funny)