Watch Laurie Kilmartin Recount Her Live-tweeting the Passing of Her Mom to COVID-19 on Conan

Recently, comedian/writer/podcaster Laurie Kilmartin sadly had to experience the loss of her mother to COVID-19. Already, Kilmartin has spoken candidly and made some of the best jokes and books about the passing of a loved one (the book is Dead People Suck) when her father succumbed to lung cancer.

During the passing of her mother, Laurie tweeted updates and jokes as a way to both process what was happening in real time and give a more visceral glimpse of how COVID-19 steals life away from someone. As with so much of Laurie’s humor, it was dark, hysterical, and incredibly poignant.

Last night, Laurie got to further detail the entire ordeal on Conan and maintained the poise, vulnerability, and sharpness that always made her one of our favorites. Please watch her interview here.