Here’s Your First Look at Tracy Morgan’s Return to TV with “The Last OG”

The Last O.G. is yet another highly anticipated series up TBS’ sleeve as it not only marks the return of Tracy Morgan to a being TV series star, but it’s a series that’s co-created by Jordan Peele and features Tiffany Haddish as the co-star.

The show’s premise is simple enough with contrasting the Brooklyn of yesteryear to the Brooklyn of 2018 through Morgan’s character of a former prison inmate. Peele, Morgan, and Haddish together should have plenty of fun espousing their sensibilities within this comedic framework. This series could have been a multi-cam, but we are thankful that it’s not as that will open up the series to so much more possibility. 

See for yourself in the trailer.

The Last O.G. premieres on Tues. April 3rd on TBS.