Larry Charles’ Dangerous World of Comedy To Explore Truly Risky Comedy Beyond Sacha Baron Cohen Hoodwinking Everyone

Larry Charles, the frequent collaborator of Sacha Baron Cohen on such works as Borat and Bruno, is taking a break from pulling a fast one on everyone and taking a more exploratory, literal documentarian view with his latest project, Larry Charles’ Dangerous World of Comedy.

Charles has gone to places like Iraq, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, and Palestine where free speech isn’t quite what it is in America to see how comedy folks pull off, well, doing comedy over there. Also, from the looks of it, Larry will also explore “dangerous comedy” here in the States, which is it’s own breed of crazy.

It looks pretty fascinating and probably answers some questions that you might have been passively wondering (like “Can you and how do you do comedy in a repressive regime?”). Get a taste of it with this trailer, then look for the episodes to drop on Fri., Feb. 15th.