Pick of the Day: Ladies Who Ranch (in LA) 2/8 & 2/12

The beloved all around NYC comedy troupe known as Ladies Who Ranch are finally making their way back to LA. That’s Sophie Zucker, Maya Sharma, Kelly Cooper, Caitlin Dullea, and Caroline Yost that do bits, sketches, improv, and more and are bringing their wonderfully rambunctious comedic talents to The Elysian for two special nights in February.

Specifically, they’ll being doing a “bit” show on Tues. Feb. 8th at 8:30PM PT (w/Jessy Morner-Ritt and Mitra Jouhari opening) and a full on proper sketch show on Sat. Feb. 12th at 9:30PM PT (w/Robby Hoffman opening). Both nights ought to be an extra special evening of sublime ridiculousness and you really ought to not miss it. Tickets for either show are $16 and you can (and very much should) get them at elysiantheater.com.