Kurt Braunohler’s Cross Country Tour With a Giant Butt Starts Today and Is For a Comedy Central Pilot “Better. Dumber. Faster”

Mark your calendar if you live in Vegas, Denver, Kansas City, Moab, UT, Louisville, Charlottesville, D.C., or Asbury Park, NJ

As we reported last week, the amazing Kurt Braunohler will be touring across America with a gigantic butt. Announcing the start of The Love Butt Tour today, Kurt also mentioned that the butt is double-sided, that it’s all for a pilot he’s doing for Comedy Central called Better. Dumber. Faster., and that he’s looking to do shows at the cities listed about that where he and the butt is stopping.

Get more details about Kurt and the butt here, then be sure to catch a glimpse if you’re anywhere on his route. If you’re not, you’ll be able to see photos of the journey on Kurt’s Twitter and Instagram.