KRFT Punk’s Political Party Will Fill In Your Eric Andre Show/Who Is America? Void


The Eric Andre Show character KRFT Punk has elevated himself from mere prankster DJ in a macaroni covered helmet. 

On the half-hour Adult Swim special KRFT Punk’s Political Party, conspiracy theorists, the Catholic League, political pundits, and more somehow got talked into sitting in a room with KRFT Punk and got The Eric Andre Show treatment

If you’re jonesing for more Who Is America? and saddened by the fact that Sacha Baron Cohen says that he can’t do another project like that for awhile, this is the special for you. It’s all the chaotic mischief you’ve come to know from The Eric Andre Show team, especially writer Dan Curry.

KRFT Punk’s Political Party airs on Adult Swim tonight on midnight, but you can stream it right here, right now (FYI, it’s absolutely NSFW, probably even if you’re working at midnight).