Kimia Behpoornia has been a go-to performer for UCB for many years now, whether it be improv or sketch or whatever other crazy thing they come up with. 

While it’s worth catching her on Harold or Maude Night or Great Sketch!, the idea that she’s actually going to test for her black belt as a comedy show has our interest beyond peaked. 

That’s right, Kimia will be doing a martial arts test at UCB Sunset at the end of the month and our minds are racing as to figure out what could possibly happen ((notice how she’s even credited as a Black Belt Candidate as opposed to cast, writer, etc.).

We’re sure there’s a whole other bevy of surprises for Kimia Tests for Her Blackbelt: LIVE (as many other go-to UCB performers are on the bill), but the testing for the black belt itself ought to be something special.  

So, Kimia Tests for Her Blackbelt: LIVE is set for Wed. Jan. 29th at 10:30PM. Tickets are $7 and you can (and should) get them here.