Kids in the Hall Make Fun of Lorne Michaels in Trailer for Their Return on Amazon

You ought to know and be eternally grateful for what Canada has given to the world of sketch comedy. Nathan Fielder, Lorne Michaels (the forever grandfather of SNL), and Kids in the Hall.

Of the three, Kids in the Hall made their mark over 20 years ago by being darker and weirder in a way that sketch comedy or any of television had ever seen (and hasn’t been seen much since until I Think You Should Leave). Thankfully, Dave Foley, Bruce McCulloch, Kevin McDonald, Mark McKinney, and Scott Thompson are rounded up once more for another round of The Kids in the Hall and they’re going to be as daring as ever, a bold endeavor in 2022, as you can see in this red band trailer for their upcoming Amazon prime edition.

Sure, there’s plenty of NSFW stuff in the trailer, but it’s pretty clear that they’re doing a pretty spot on send-up of Lorne in pondering what the return of The Kids in the Hall should look like. The series premieres on May 13th and we can only wonder (and hope) that SNL/Lorne responds?