The Kid Mero of Desus & Mero Contracted COVID-19

Desus & Mero zooming their Showtime series through lockdown has been a blessing. Both Desus Nice and The Kid Mero had been shooting the show remotely, each from their own respective homes in NYC. In the last few weeks, they had been doing more segments that were either in person (their interview Obama) or even in studio (without an audience) with all COVID-19 protocol, but, as far as we knew, both The Bodega Boys were still COVID-19 free.

That very unfortunately changed this week as The Kid Mero tweeted out that he had contracted the infamous virus, insisting that he’s “DOING OK” and observing quarantine protocols. Again, this is another instance where taking so many precautions while shooting a TV show still did not prevent the transmission of COVID-19. There are no details as to where Mero was infected, but the fact remains that there is no 100% safe environment during the pandemic.

We hope that Kid Mero has a speedy recovery and we’d like to thank him for not calling so many of us cowards like Chappelle did for pointing out the risk of doing shows in this time.