Joy Ride Looks to Be the Raunchiest R-Rated Comedy of 2023 (That Happens to Be About Adoption)

Between This Is Us, Trying, and Blue Bayou, there is an uptick in stories about adoption in TV and movies as of late, though, as you might notice they’re either incredibly maudlin or saccharine.

That’s going to change this year come July 7th as Teresa Hsiao, Adele Lim, and Cherry Chevapravatdumrong‘s R-rated transcontinental road-trip buddy comedy, Joy Ride, will hit theaters. Ashley Park plays an adoptee that assembles Sherry Cola, Stephanie Hsu, and Sabrina Wu, all play kind-of life long friends, to help her find her birth mother on the other side of the world. What ensues is a Hangover/Bridesmaids-esque gauntlet of everything going spectacularly awry as one can see and enjoy in this first official red band trailer, just released today.

Joy Ride has the makings of an R-rated comedy of 2023, especially with it being slotted right after the 4th of July, but also offer up a film we haven’t seen before, a big studio adult comedy that sports an all-Asian top billed cast that hinges on an actual adoption story (versus something like Elf, which is probably the best adoptee comedy to date) and is chock full of blue humor.

It’s so damn intriguing where this Joy Ride might take us. Take your first look at what that might be with the Joy Ride red band trailer here.