Josh Androsky Has Devised a Way to Troll Ted Cruz and Raise Funds for Planned Parenthood

(via The Daily Dot)

LA comedian Josh Androsky has managed to make his trolling of a presidential candidate actually affect change.

Basically, Androsky is not a fan of Ted Cruz intending to defund Planned Parenthood amongst many other platforms the presidential hopeful is running on. Off of that, he wanted to see what it would take get blocked by Cruz on Twitter. In attempting to do so, Josh got dared to how far he would go with money being donated to the charity of his choice the longer Cruz didn’t block him.

As a result, various memes including ones with colorful language and images of Cruz as well as others with Pokemon and curse words have been tweeted by Androsky to Cruz and more and more money has been donated to Planned Parenthood.

In fact, “When asked how much money he hoped to raise for Planned Parenthood, Androsky said, ‘My goal is to raise $2,294,642, because that spells out ‘bazinga’ on a phone keypad.’

So, this is how an edgier Robin Hood in the digital age does things.