If You’re Wondering Why The Jon Lovitz Comedy Club Is Closed…

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

Currently, The Jon Lovitz Comedy Club at Universal CityWalk has shut down and ceased any and all operations. Their Twitter avatar even reads “CLOSED”. 

Now, you might wondering why that might be.

Well, there has been a financial dispute between the club’s namesake Jon Lovitz and the man Lovitz hired to manage the club, Frank Kelley. Both alleged several claims of irresponsible handling of money for and made by The Jon Lovitz Comedy Club. Such claims include Lovitz saying Kelley pocketed money for performers and Kelley saying Lovitz not offering needed financial backing for the venue.

However, both have now amicably resolved the dispute, but the club still remains closed and, according to our sources, they might be moving to another new location. Details on when and where they would happen, if that is indeed the next step for The Jon Lovitz Comedy Club, have yet to be announced.