“Jon Glaser Loves Gear” Looks Pretty Damn Good in These Preview Clips

Jon Glaser Loves Gear is set to premiere next week on Wednesday, October 26th on TruTV. Leading up to now, the show has been shrouded in a bit of mystery, especially, for how layered it is.

Jon Glaser plays himself doing a show that reviews “gear” of all shapes and sizes and categories (bikes, tactical armor, socks, GoPro cameras, etc.). That’s one level of the show. Then, Jon also has to deal with the underlying universe in which the show operates. That includes a tense relationship with his wife, having an actress play his wife on his gear review show, having a somewhat sentient smart phone voiced by John Hodgman, etc. This kind of silly chaos is Glaser’s forte.

As all of these preview clips show, Glaser pulls this very meta premise off with flying colors and we think you should make a note now to watch the premiere Jon Glaser Loves Gear next week on October 26th.

Also, the theme song is extremely catchy and will undoubtedly get stuck in your head (in a good way).