Pick of the Day: Jon Daly’s I Venmo U Money 5/11

OK, we’re not exactly sure what comedian and mischief extraordinaire Jon Daly has up his sleeve with a call-in live comedy show focused on giving money away via Venmo. Whatever he has planned is sure to be some high level hijinks that ought to be one damn good time.

Indeed, Jon Daly’s I Venmo U Money will be a call-in comedy livestream event where all the callers get paid and, apparently, “How much you make is up to you!” You can call (626) 869-9645 to either leave a voicemail or talk to Jon live during the show and really see if you can get free monies (especially since most COVID-19 relief has been far from enough and often too late to keep people afloat).

Tickets for access to the live-stream are not free, FYI. However, they’re only $10.

Jon Daly’s I Venmo U Money goes live on Tue. May 11th at 6PM PT/9PM ET, presented by Dynasty Typewriter. Get more info/tickets here.