There’s No Charge For John Roy’s Online Stand-Up Comedy Class

There’s plenty of hate on stand-up comedy classes, especially for the money they cost that ultimately will not let you skip open mics, but hilarious, veteran comedian John Roy (you’ve might have seen him be great on Conan or his AST Record taping) has thankfully circumvented the cost leaving just valuable lessons in starting out in stand-up comedy. 

Over the last month or so, he has been writing what would basically make up the text book for a comedy class and posting it on his Tumblr weekly. This still won’t let you skip open mics, but it’s great advice from a great comedian that you can take at your own pace and you didn’t pay a month’s rent for, so you might want to check it out if you’re interested in trying/doing stand-up.

Here’s links to John Roy’s Entirely Free Comedy Class Week OneWeek TwoWeek ThreeWeek FourWeek Five