It’s About Damn Time John Early and Kate Berlant Had an Hour Special

(via Variety)

John Early and Kate Berlant have long been one of the funniest duos in all of comedy, though they’ve gotten so busy with their own projects that TV has only gotten to see them here and there from doing bits on The Tonight Show to the brilliant web series 555 (which you can now watch for free on Vimeo).

Five years after that 555 put the world on notice for what John and Kate can do together when given free reign (and collaborating with their favorite director Andrew DeYoung), Peacock has ordered up an hour long special from Early and Berlant that will see them as version of themselves that have become estranged and are now, we suppose, having a reunion special. Of course, John and Kate will play a myriad of other ridiculous folks throughout this hour. Also, you should note the cool kids at A24 will be producing Would It Kill You to Laugh? and DeYoung will be returning to direct and co-write in case you were wondering if John and Kate’s comedic vision would be realized to its fullest potential.

As a cherry on top (and with the sort of access that Peacock has) Meredith Viera will be part of this sort of John and Kate coming back together.

Following suit with the atypical Jo Firestone special that had Jo teaching old folks how to do stand-up, you might want to get in on Peacock if this is the direction they’re headed.