Jimmy Kimmel Tries to Convince Craig Ferguson To Not Leave “The Late Late Show”

Craig Ferguson is a very good late night talk show host.

Perhaps, you’ve not had your TV tuned to CBS at 12:35AM after Letterman to find that out over the last decade, but Ferguson, for our money, excelled at the hardest part of hosting the traditional late night talk show format, the interviews. The skill of making a fun, intriguing conversation with people whether they be crazy or dull is one that Ferguson has honed better than almost anyone currently working in late night.

So, the prospect of his exit from The Late Late Show is one that we’re having difficulty getting used to and Jimmy Kimmel feels much the same way. 

Craig explains his reasons to Jimmy and the rest of us on The Late Late Show during Jimmy’s appearance on the show this week. Watch it here or here on CBS and start at 18:01 because CBS doesn’t want to put this vastly interesting interview in an easily accessible, user-friendly format online.