Jim Gaffigan to Play Former Controversial Toronto Mayor Rob Ford in AMC Series

(via Variety)

Jim Gaffigan has certainly had an intriguing turn in his career over the last two years. Ostensibly, for such a long time, Gaffigan’s stand-up made him seem like America’s Dad. Then, in 2018, Gaffigan took a dramatic turn that was very much against type in American Dreamer and has since taken on more movie roles that are a far cry from talking about bacon and his big family.

Gaffigan is now set to play the late Rob Ford, the former Mayor of Toronto who infamously got caught smoking crack on more than one occasion. The role is for an untitled AMC dark comedy, which, it would seem, to be the culmination of two of Gaffigan’s worlds that seem so distant from each other. We’re thoroughly curious as to see Gaffigan as Ford and we really think, based off of the path he’s taken in these last two years, it could be a stand out role for him, perhaps an awards worthy one.