Amazon’s First Stand-up Special Will Come from Jim Gaffigan

It’ll be Jim Gaffigan’s 7th special (which will be called Quality Time), but it will be Amazon’s first original comedy special. It’s definitely a shot across the bow from Amazon to Netflix and what a shot it is.

This entry into the comedy special arena by Amazon was inevitable (and in that regard, you should expect a stand-up special from Apple before too long). What will be interesting to see is if Amazon would possibly pick up where Netflix has been slacking in the new and emerging comedians and giving them hours where the streaming giant is just doling out 15 min. specials these days.

Also, this move leads to this question: where the rest of the Gaffigan’s special will live going forward? We guess that all depends on how that special does on Amazon.

Oh, lastly, we won’t be surprised if there is Amazon product integration with Gaffigan doing a food joke and being able to buy that food on Amazon or banner ads popping up.