Jessica Williams Says She Won’t Be Hosting “The Daily Show”

After the announcement of Jon Stewart’s upcoming retirement as host of The Daily Show, there was, as was to be expected, rampant speculation about who would replace Stewart. There were a good deal of folks that cast their votes immediately for current Daily Show correspondent Jessica Williams to fill the role. The idea was furthered by the upcoming movie Hot Tub Machine 2 depicting her as the host in the not so distant future.

However, last night, Williams expressed her appreciation for the sentiments, but also stated that she won’t be hosting The Daily Show following Jon’s exit.

In her own words, she tweeted:

Fact 1: I’m not hosting. Thank you but I am extremely under-qualified for the job! At this age (25) if something happens politically that I don’t agree with, I need to go to my room & like not come out for, like, 7 days. That being said I am super not right for it, but there are quite a few people who are! Can’t wait to stick around & see what happens.

So, you can take off one picture off all of your bulletin boards of potential Daily Show replacements that you all obviously have right now.