Jena Friedman Hits the Mark on America’s True Crime Obsession on Conan

That always-bandied-about thrill that stand-up comedy supposedly can provide by bringing light to the dark topics, even when it acts like a bit of twisted fun house mirror that you’re looking into is very hard to achieve (making it all the more magical when a comedian does so while also being, of course, very funny).

When it comes to the subject of “pushing boundaries” and “taking risks” in the art form of stand up comedy, one should look to Jena Friedman to see how that can be pulled off. 

It’s kind of her thing.

We’d even go so far as to say that Jena’s stand-up, always unafraid to sneak into dark territories, showcases, very clearly, how artful stand-up can be.

Just see for yourself in Jena Friedman’s latest set all about the American obsession with true crime on Conan.