Pick of the Day: Jen Kirkman: Gonna Panic Like It’s 1999 (in NYC) 6/15-8/21

Following her genius final stand-up album OK, Gen-X, Jen Kirkman is very much done with stand-up comedy for so many heartbreaking reasons. That said, we’re thrilled to know that she’s not done with performing as Jen has set up a run of work in progress solo shows this Summer at Union Hall entitled, Gonna Panic Like It’s 1999.

Off of that perfection of a title, she’s going to run through a collection of stories that she has worked on throughout the years, but never made it all into one solo show that include, but are definitely not limited to:

-Her grandmother’s views of Armageddon that were validated by her childhood priest.
-Trying to move to Hollywood to live on the set of “Family Ties.”
-Trying to get famous by tap dancing in the school talent show.
-Taking a fear of flying course and failing the graduation flight due to an outburst on the plane.
-On Y2K when the world didn’t end….realizing she had no idea how to live life.

Jen is, without a doubt, one of comedy’s best storytellers and this upcoming run for her solo shows will and the entire spectrum of emotional colors that will run this show ought to be something beautiful.

Dates for the show are as follows:

6/15 @ 7:30PM ET
6/17 @ 7:30PM ET
6/26 @ 5:30PM ET
7/14 @ 7:30PM ET
7/17 @ 5;30PM ET
7/31 @ 5;30PM ET
8/7 @ 5:30PM ET
8/17 @ 7:30PM ET
8/21 @ 5:30PM ET

Tickets are $20 a pop and you better snag them quick as it doesn’t get much more intimate than Union Hall.