Please Enjoy a Great, Timely Sketch with Jen Kirkman About “Bernie Bros”, The Point of Which Was Proven by Jen Being Trolled Online Before It Even Aired

On this week’s No, You Shut Up! with Paul F. Tompkins, Jen Kirkman got to do a sketch that was commenting on a specific portion of Bernie Sanders supporters that frequently engage in rather misogynistic discourse when talking about Hillary Clinton, otherwise referred to now as “Bernie Bros”.

Before this Bernie Bro Zone sketch even aired a few days ago, Jen got flack from many Bernie Bros, on top of her usual collection of Internet trolls, for just screen shots of said sketch

This lead to both having to vigorously defend her position on the matter as well as an extended row of retweets by Jen highlighting the unfortunate way Clinton is talked about, which is many times adjacent to how Trump talks about other candidates in general.

Just look at Jen’s timeline on Twitter and you’ll go down a rabbit hole you didn’t know that went that far.

Though some may unfortunately not realize this, the backlash sort of proves Jen’s point that she made in the Bernie Bro Zone in the first place.