Jay Larson Is Going on a “Mostly Crowd Work Tour”


In this current wave of popularity that crowd work style stand-up comedy is enjoying (Todd Barry’s Crowd Work Tour, Big Jay Oakerson’s What’s Your F@#king Deal?, Judah Friedlander’s America Is The Greatest Country in the United States), Jay Larson is a comic whose crowd work you ought to get in on.

Larson is already fantastic at being off-the-cuff and riffing in his normal stand-up and whenever he interacts with the crowd, his questions are so off-beat and refreshing (just listen/watch any of his specials/albums over the years). 

Dates and cities are listed above on the lovely poster by Geoff Tice and you can (and should) get your tickets starting this Friday, August 31st at https://www.jaylarsoncomedy.com/tour/.