You might have heard that beloved comedian Jason Saenz had a horrific fall that resulted in a severe spinal injury a few months ago and that the accident occurred just right before he took on a gig that would have covered his medical expenses. While there was a gracious outpouring of support a few months ago and over $184K has been raised, he still needs help as other complications and the general cost still hasn’t been covered (it’s an estimated $300K). 

So, three benefit shows together as The Jason Saenz Benefit Extravaganza will happen around the country to raise money for Jason. Here in LA, on April 1st, a show that’s so unbelievably stacked with LA comedy gems (really, take a long gander at that flyer) on top being hosted by legendary comedy group Murderfist.

Please go get your tickets for what we’ll be a very special show for a great cause. If you’d like to donate to Jason’s recovery now, you can do so at his GoFundMe page here: