Bill Burr Has Just Launched a Dark Comedy Anthology Series “Immoral Compass” on Roku

Roku, the home to Quibi originals, is now putting out there very own original content exclusive to their platform. For our money, they swung pretty well for their first series as they’ve got Bill Burr starring and presenting an anthology series (as if Burr is the Crypt Keeper from Tales from the Crypt, but just a jaded guy in a garage instead) that lives up to the title of the show, Immoral Compass.

Created by Tyler Falbo, Burr guides as a probably reliable narrator through what seems to be like a darker (and more cohesive) version of The Premise. Al Madrigal, Nick Swardson, Vince Vaughn, and Bobby Lee all make guest appearances and be terrified to varying degrees in their respective episodes.

Get a gander of what’s in store with Immoral Compass here with the official trailer, then, if you’re digging it, you can go watch it on The Roku Channel right now.