Pick of the Day: I’m Glad My Mom Died (in LA) 9/3-9/25

One of the most riveting, darkest, yet, still so marvelously funny solo shows we’ve seen in our time is, without a doubt, Jennette McCurdy‘s I’m Glad My Mom Died about “…how her mom’s death went from being the worst thing that ever happened to her to the best thing.” McCurdy’s showbiz career was covered in the pall of her mother’s omnipresence, which Jennette uses to set the perfect stage for the thesis of the show.

The uncompromising vulnerability and catharsis from McCurdy’s stories in this hour accented with very clever production still sticks with us fondly to this day from a few years ago (or maybe eons depending on what the pandemic has done to your sense of time). In fact, this very well might be one of the most cathartic shows you’ll see that has nothing to do with COVID.

She’s going to do a run of I’m Glad My Mom Died at the Hudson Theatre in Hollywood for vaccinated audiences on Fridays & Saturdays from Sept. 3rd-Sept. 25th at 8PM PT. Tickets for opening weekend are $17.50 and then $22.50 after that. Please go get tickets for one of those dates ASAP.