I Think You Should Leave Finally Renewed for Season 3

(via Variety)

For much as Netflix’s stock has suffered in the recent weeks, it sure has taken them quite some time to renew one of their most beloved and acclaimed comedy series (and the absolute funniest sketch show on television right now, without a doubt). It had us worried, pondering why they would wait so long to give Tim Robinson and Zach Kanin a third season for what has become one of the most meme-able shows ever made.

The first two seasons of I Think You Should Leave were so brilliantly daft and hysterical that it made us wonder what Lorne Michaels kept shooting down while Robinson was at SNL for all those years. There is no release date or any other details for that matter (maybe they’ll get more than just a handful of episodes that you can binge in less than three hours?).

In any case, this announcement is as good a reason as any to go watch all of I Think You Should Leave again in case you haven’t already done that in the last week or two.