If There’s a Satire Hall of Fame, Reductress Just Earned Their Spot with “How To Win at Feminism”


Reductress, which you could think of as The Onion with a feminist bent, has just released How To Win at Feminisma book that revels in the fight for equality between the sexes with the sort of wondrous, unapologetic, whip smart tone that you probably know and love from Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

Within its pages are discussions of Taylor Swift feminists vs. Beyonce feminists, a guide to the rings of hell for women that don’t help other women, and more satirical gold that’s arriving on bookshelves at the perfect time. 

Honestly, we think How To Win at Feminism could be potentially enjoyed by all including those stuck in the most toxic depths of masculinity. Maybe they’d even be brought around to the right side of history if they appreciated this book for the carefully crafted piece of satire that it is.

How To Win at Feminism was sharply penned by Reductress’ own Anna Drezen, Sarah Pappalardo, and Beth Newell. There’s a stop on the book tour here in LA with Pappalardo and Newell at Skylight Books on Friday, November 11th at 7:30PM.