Pick of the Day: 6th Annual High & Mighty Thanksgiving Eve Power Hour 11/25

The annual tradition of Jon Gabrus doing a power hour live on stage with friends is one of the few things that we look forward to Thanksgiving week. Normally, we’d get to see the madness take place on stage and secrets and wild things run amok during the whole time.

As a stage show can’t happen in a proper venue, Gabrus will be doing this year’s High & Mighty Thanksgiving Eve Power Hour virtually and we have no doubt they’ll revel in the chaos of taking a shot of beer every minute for an hour just as much as they have in years past. Joining Gabrus for this Sixth Annual (and first virtual) Power Hour will be Mano Agapion (Drag Her!), Nicole Byer (Why Won’t You Date Me?), Mike Mitchell (Doughboys), Betsy Sodaro (A Funny Feeling), and Nick Wiger (Doughboys).

Also, this year’s show will be donating proceeds to a great org, The Okra Project.

High & Mighty Thanksgiving Eve Power Hour is set for Wed. Nov. 25th at 6PM PT/9PM ET (you’ll be able to watch the live-stream up until Sun. 11/29 at midnight). Tickets are $10 and you can and very much should get them here.