Animated Feature “Henchmen” Adds Thomas Middleditch, Nathan Fillion, and More To Already Stellar Cast

(via Variety)

The cast of Henchmen already had Jane Krakowski, Craig Robinson, Will Sasso, and Rob Riggle.

As part of a growing trend to humanize cartoon villains, Henchmen will have the impressive cast of the aforementioned and Thomas Middleditch, Rosario Dawson, Alfred Molina, Nathan Fillion, and James Marsden.

Always an underdog and never starting as top dog, Middleditch stars as the newest member to an evil organization that falls into trouble by taking a weapon that he shouldn’t have.

Just from the description, we’re guessing that Henchmen probably be slightly less goofy than Minions (for starters, the Henchmen probably don’t speak gibberish). Let’s hope that it’ll please a wider age range of audiences as well.