HBO and Netflix Wise Up By Dropping Live/Same Day Ratings and Notifying of Expiring Titles, Respectively

Every day, TV/movies and the Internet come closer and closer to becoming one. There are signs of this shift everywhere.

Most recently, HBO has announced that it will only use Nielsen’s Live Plus 7 measure which encompasses the rating for a TV show right when it airs all the way to 7 days after (via Variety). The amount of people that watch their favorite HBO shows like Veep and Silicon Valley on their DVR or on HBOGO grows everyday. 

Online streaming giant Netflix is also stepping up its game, which, already, is changing the dynamic of how Hollywood works with the likes of Amazon, Hulu, etc.. Titles of TV series and films that aren’t original Netflix productions often have a finite time to be streamed on Netflix. Notifications of what and when those shows and movies would disappear were scarce, but with a “Last Call” section of a newsletter that Netflix sends out. they’ll be doing away with that problem altogether (via The AV Club). If, for some reason, The Office was to no longer be available to stream via Netflix, you’d know a month ahead of time. 

Soon, there will likely be no separation between your favorite comedy web series and comedy TV series.